Aspire Debate Rwanda

Debate Education

At Aspire Debate Rwanda, we believe in the indispensability of promoting and supporting delivery of quality education. We strive to build confidence in the youth through creation of debate programs aiming at enhancing critical thinking as they improve their communication skills. We educate the art of public speaking and debate techniques to enable youth both in school and out of school to perform better with a focus on harnessing research, collaboration, cooperation through team work. We believe in enhancing communication skills and soft skills since they are essential to one's career development. Below are some of the activities done under debate education programs.


Aspire National Debate Championship (ANDC)

Aspire National Debate Championship (ANDC) is an annual national debate championship that convenes together the best 10 performing schools from provincial tournaments and 8 universities for a period of 4 days

Aspire National Female Debate Championship (ANFDC)

National Female Debate Championship is an annual national debate forum or tournament that brings together young women in different categories that include but not limited to university female students ...

East Africa University Debate Championship (EAUDC)

East Africa University Debating Championship (EAUDC) is a regional debate competition for universities in the East African Community.

Pan African Universities Debating Championship (PAUDC)

To ensure that youth of Rwanda don’t become financially insolvent early and picking lessons from East Asian Countries

The Argument

The Argument is an intellectual open forum for balanced and informed discussion grounded in facts, backed by well researched evidence with a reasoned analysis.

Speakers’ Camp

Speakers’ Camp is a place to learn, a place of new ideas and we believe one of the best ways to develop new skills is through practice and effective feedback.